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The new generation of sensors from IntelliSens
Ready. Install. Go.

IntelliSens is the tire pressure monitoring system that is motoring further ahead in the market. The new generation has everything for top service and will also stay up-to-date in future. Experience innovation and quality “Made by BH SENS” for yourself.

Smaller, lighter, smarter. The new IntelliSens Universal Sensors combine the benefits of two concepts. The new programming function for the universal sensors is a major innovation. Via the TPMS tool, the sensors receive an update of the protocols that always keep the tire pressure sensors up-to-date. Old stocks of universal sensors are now consigned to the past. The compact design of the new generation of sensors reduces the housing and therefore also the weight.

The advantages at a glance

  • Always up-to-date with the new programming function via the TPMS tool
  • Small, light, smart with a new design
  • Best coverage on the market
  • Proven and established OE quality
  • Made by BH SENS: BH SENS tire pressure sensors can be used with metal or rubber valves.


The principle behind tire
pressure monitoring systems

Direct and indirect systems

Direct-measurement tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) measure the tire pressure and temperature in each tire. A direct system can detect both slow leaks as well as sudden drops in tire pressure, and it can display this data on the driver's information system, depending on the automaker’s design concept. Indirect systems do not measure the pressure inside the tires, but rather, calculate pressure by evaluating the signals of the wheel speed sensors. 

The principle behind IntelliSens

The IntelliSens is the direct-measurement universal sensor from BH SENS offering the greatest accuracy and compatible with the systems of all car models. The universal sensor is a pre-programmed sensor for direct-measurement tire pressure monitoring systems. All of the information needed is already on the sensor and only has to be configured. The technical design of the configurable sensor cuts down on installation time, and the waiting time is shortened even further when the IntelliSens is installed during tire changes - for instance, when switching between summer and winter tires. With the latest update function the new BH SENS IntelliSens Universal Sensor can also be used for future vehicle protocols by being programmed with a TPMS diagnostic tool. Due to this function the sensors are always up-to-date and old stocks of universal sensors are now consigned to the past.

How IntelliSens works
IntelliSens is fitted to the valve in the rim of the wheel.
Each of the four sensors measures the temperature
and air pressure separately for each tire, and then
transmits this data via radio signal to the vehicle's
central control unit.

A: Wheel electronics with valve
B: Control unit
C: Driver information system

How IntelliSens warns
The universal sensor warns the driver instantly
and accurately by illuminating an indicator light
on the dashboard, and by showing which of the
tires has a pressure problem in a display.
This allows the driver and the service center to
see at a glance which tire needs to be checked.

The benefits for
tire service centers

IntelliSens makes your job easier

Configuration in just seconds
The BH SENS Intellisens Universal Sensor  is pre-programmed with the protocols of numerous tire pressure sensors for various vehicles models. It can be configured during installation in just a few seconds with the aid of a diagnostic tool. This not only speeds up the work flow, but also keeps the customer from waiting too long. 

Update function
Via the TPMS tool, the IntelliSens Universal Sensors receive an update of the latest vehicle protocols that always keep the tire pressure sensors up-to-date.

Precision fit
The universal sensor consists of only five individual components that can be assembled quickly thanks to the unique fastening concept.

Optimization of inventory
The IntelliSens Universal Sensor fits almost all vehicles and rim types on the market. This simplifies stock-keeping in the service center.

Convenient valve assembly process
in just a few steps

Quick and easy for mechanics to install.

The benefits for drivers

How IntelliSens makes driving safer and more economical

Added safety
A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA, USA) showed that vehicles with a tire pressure at the recommended level are much more likely to be involved in an accident due to tire damage. Detecting and eliminating tire pressure problems early on improves drivability and prevents accidents caused by tire damage.

Reduces the cost of driving
The TPMS helps to extend the lifetime of a tire. A tire with 20% less pressure than the recommended level shortens the lifetime of the tire tread by up to 25%. Switching to a direct measurement TPMS offers financial benefits through the extended service life.

Greener roads
Driving with the correct air pressure in your tires can save 1-3% in fuel costs. Lower fuel consumption and a longer service life of the tire lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Driving with the correct air pressure can lower fuel costs by 1-3%. By reducing the fuel consumption and extending the lifetime of the tires, IntelliSens contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Less time spent at the service center
Due to an easy mounting concept the IntelliSens Sensors can be replaced quickly. That means getting the same quality as an original sensor with less time spent at the service center.

About IntelliSens –
Intelligent technology
in the highest quality

In OEM quality for the aftermarket
BH SENS supplies retailers with genuine spare sensors in OE quality for all of the systems supplied to automakers. The IntelliSens universal sensor, which is of the same quality and has the same features, was developed especially for service centers.

Direct-measurement systems for the greatest accuracy
IntelliSens is fitted directly to the valve and measures the tire pressure and temperature from the inside of every tire. This data is then displayed on the dashboard by a control unit. This method of measurement is not only faster, but also more accurate than indirect methods that use ABS/ESP sensors.

IntelliSens – in a flash
Installing the IntelliSens is as easy as it is quick – whether you’re changing a set of tires or just the sensor. Programming is done with the aid of a TPMS diagnostic tool. Product portfolio

The legal situation
regarding TPMS

Legal situation in the EU
In Europe, the ECE-R 64 stipulates that as of November 2014, all newly registered vehicles from the category of passenger cars (M1) and light commercial vehicles (N1) must be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). From 2022 it is expected that the legislation will be extended to other vehicle categories (heavy commercial vehicles, buses, trailers). 

Legislation in USA
Since 2008, every newly registered passenger vehicle must have been fitted with a tire pressure monitoring system (THREAD ACT). Around 170 million vehicles are now equipped with them, about 95% of which have direct-measurement systems due to the advantages.

Legislation in Asia
With the introduction of the GB 26149 in China, all new vehicles from the passenger car sector must be equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) from January 2019 onwards. For homologated vehicles and mini vans already approved, a TPMS duty will come into force in China from 2020.
In South Korea the TPMS legislation applies to all newly registered passenger cars since 2015.
In Taiwan, there has been a TPMS duty for passenger cars since July 2016.

Product portfolio

For a detailed look at our range of products, download the catalog as a PDF file or browse online in our digital flip book. A brief overview of the IntelliSens products can be found here: Product overview