Intellisens is driving ahead of the competition with new sensors.

Two sensors with two variants (315mHz and 433 MHz in both metal and rubber valves). We are expanding our coverage to make it the envy of the market with more coverage than any other competitor. With these new universal sensors you can cover more OE part numbers than anyone in the TPMS business. Intellisens – quick, simple, trusted.

Universal sensors UVS3010 and UVS3011, available with either metal or rubber valves, can be ordered immediately.

You’ll love IntelliSens.

IntelliSens universal sensors cover a multitude of vehicles with just a few part numbers.

Outstanding design

The IntelliSens universal sensor has been carefully designed to fit various installation environments in different wheels and valves. Its innovative product concept won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award.

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The IntelliSens principle

The IntelliSens universal sensor is a preprogrammed sensor for direct tire pressure monitoring systems. All of the information needed is already on the sensor and only has to be configured. The configurable sensor concept saves installation time by reducing programming time normally seen with universal sensors. This time savings is ideal for tire shops, where time means money. That makes fitting IntelliSens ideal for tire changes – such as when the time comes to switch between winter and summer tires – without lots of waiting.